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Founded in 2005, Zhongshan Shangyang Technology Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services from research & design, sampling, product testing, manufacturing to logistics and transportation of beauty products to international famous beauty brands.

With high-quality products as the core, the company makes every effort to create an efficient and fast one-stop private label makeup service and provides all-round product services for our clients.

The factory has more than 100 high-end talents with more than 20 years of experience in research and design, and production of makeup and beauty tools. Shangyang develops and puts into the market more than 50 innovative products every year, with a production capacity of more than 50 million per year.

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High-End Talents
Innovative Products Every Year
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Main Products

From research and development, beauty packaging, makeup formulation to brushes, we can offer a complete solution for customers. Save intermediate segment, improve efficiency and reduce losses.

Create more innovative products which combines cosmetic with cosmetic tools to optimize the cost, convenient for consumers to use and take away.


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